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Parallel 38 Chef

Why Parallel 38?

Few other latitudes pass through so many states and nations. This temperate, middle latitude has proven conducive to not only human success, but to the ultimate cultivation food and drink. Napa County, Anderson Valley in the rolling hills of Mendocino County, Portugal's Setubal Peninsula, Melbourne, Alicante in Spain, Italy's Calabria, the Greek Ionian Islands, and the "Napa of the East" Charlottesville, VA – no other parallel produces more leaders in developing remarkable foods and drinks.

Parallel 38 Restaurant creates an atmosphere where all the iconic regions within this parallel merge. It is not only a place to relish great food, amazing wine and fantastic beverages, but will also serve as a destination to discover and share the pleasures of these unique regions. Our wine program offers bottles from handpicked boutique wineries with an assortment of over performing staples, exotic varietals and unexplored regions. Every bottle Parallel 38 offers is available "By The Glass" with all of our "Trophy Wines" being available "By The Ounce". And of course we have Wine "On Tap".

Our beverage program offers bottled beers ranging from cult craft breweries to fan favorites and our "farm-to-table" cocktail program features hand-crafted cocktails utilizing the freshest ingredients, modern technique and old school charm. Finally, our menu provides an eclectic selection of small plates and share-able platters that takes guests on a journey through the Mediterranean.